Prescriber’s Choice delivers medicines you know and trust from its wholly-owned, US based, FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility.

The 503B Outsourcing Facility Difference

Mass-produced dermatologic medicines can be good for many, but they aren’t right for everyone. Through Prescriber’s Choice, physicians can order custom medicines to meet their patients’ needs and have the medicines available for point-of-care dispensing.

The Prescriber’s Choice advantage includes the comfort of knowing that our medicines are sourced solely from our wholly-owned FDA-Registered Outsourcing Facility, Sincerus Florida. Prescriber’s Choice delivers purely what the doctor ordered with the comfort of knowing what is in the medicines your are providing and where they are coming from.

Doctors decide what is right for their patients 

Customization is not new. It is an option that was lost in the age of mass produced medicines.

Doctors can retake control of their prescribing choices.

Prescribers can work with Sincerus, an FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, governed under the Drug Quality and Securities Act, to tailor the medicines they use to treat patients.

Customized Medicines put the needs of the patient first

Most medicines are made up of mostly (50%-99%) inactive ingredients.


93% of medications contain known
allergens or irritants.

1/2 of Americans report having sensitive or very sensitive skin.