One Size Does Not Fit All In Medicine 

Prescriber’s Choice delivers purely what the doctor ordered.

When patient needs aren’t met by mass produced pharmaceuticals, Prescriber’s Choice offers custom medicines from Sincerus Florida, our wholly-owned FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility.

With Prescriber’s Choice, physicians know what is in the medicines they are dispensing and where their medicines come from.

Matt Zirwas, MD - Bexley, OH

Having Sincerus medications available for my patients has resulted in better outcomes – medications with multiple active ingredients have simply worked better and allowed for better compliance with my treatment plans.

Julie Kenner, MD - Monterey, CA

Prescriber’s Choice has given me the freedom to effectively treat a wide range of patient conditions. I especially love not having to involve insurance and the option to customize formulations for my sensitive patients. This service has proven to be an important landmark in my developing practice.

Stephen Hess, MD - Philadelphia, PA

Working with Prescriber’s Choice has been a fantastic experience. We were one of the first offices in the Philadelphia area to get involved with the company, and our patients have really appreciated these medications. Prescriber’s Choice allows us to provide customized compounded topical medications and I think it has really enhanced compliance and saved our patients a lot of money in terms of copays. The feedback has been fantastic from our patients, they love it!

Jeanine Downie - Montclair, NJ

Partnering with Prescriber’s Choice has allowed us at iMage Dermatology to provide our patients with the reproducibility of results, the fact that patients know they can get something that’s not too expensive that’s going to cover their needs, and the fact that the medications can be used on both sexes and all skin types.

Ryan Falsey, MD – Chandler, AZ

The convenience for my patients is invaluable for my practice. Patients don’t use medications if they don’t get them. Additionally, the quality of the medications is superior to generic medications available at the pharmacy. When a great medication is actually affordable, it is a win-win for the patient and the practice. 

Phil Werschler, MD - Spokane, WA

We love that we can provide high quality prescription dermatology medications to our patients for such a reasonable cost. Additionally, the ease of dispensing out of our office increases patient compliance with prescribed medications because they can take them home with them without the extra stop at the pharmacy. Also, we love the fact that we can create medications that are not available otherwise. For instance, our Tretinoin in an HA vehicle with spironolactone is such a game changer in women with hormonal acne. In most cases, it negates the need to take oral spironolactone and patients are very appreciative to not have to take an oral medication if they can get great results with a topical only. For the cosmetic line, our patients love the HA. We sell so much of it. The bruise cream works incredibly well also! 

Amy Brodsky, MD – Glenview, IL

Prescriber’s Choice provides a convenient option for our patients to get their medication during their visit, while eliminating the additional step of going to the pharmacy. In addition, my patients are getting the exact ingredients they need to treat their skin disease, as opposed to a receiving a substitution that may not be the correct generic equivalent.

Neil Sadick, MD - New York, NY

Prescribers Choice changed the way that I treat my patients in my busy New York practices. We have the ability to offer custom prescription medications for my patients at the time of their office visit. This improves the patient outcome, makes it easier for them because they will leave with their prescription, and also keeps them in line with the programs we prescribe. Additionally, Prescriber’s Choice provides a major economic boost, both in terms of my patients obtaining medications at an affordable price, as well as improving the bottom line for the practice

Amy Lewis, MD - New York, NY

I love having the option of using Prescriber’s Choice medications in my office. This gives me the ability to offer higher quality and more individualized prescription formulations to better treat my patients. They can leave the office with the correct medication that is chosen specifically for them. No more inconvenient trips to the pharmacy and paying exorbitant amount of money for an inferior product. Prescriber’s Choice allows me to access medications and combinations on occasions that would not be available at Retail pharmacies. I was very hesitant to start with this in the beginning but now I’m a believer.

Common Customization Requests from Participating Physicians

Adjusted Dosing

92% choose to alter the potency or combination of active ingredients

Removal of Excipients

100% modify or eliminate inactive ingredients

Change of Vehicle

50% alter the way a medicine is applied.

Our Customized Medicines Make Sense

100% of the prescription medicines you receive from Prescriber’s Choice are produced in our wholly-owned FDA-Approved 503B Outsourcing Facility, Sincerus Florida.  Through our work with physicians, we offer formulations of the medicines you know and trust to meet an extensive array of dermatologic conditions, including – but not limited to – acne, melasma, rosacea, and psoriasis.


Each of our formulations are created based on physician requests and produced with our commitment to the highest quality product. Once produced, Prescriber’s Choice delivers purely what the doctor ordered to your office for  point-of-care dispensing.


Through Prescriber’s Choice you know what you are prescribing for your patient and where it came from.