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People are fundamentally unique;
their system for skin health should be unique as well.

The code

The world is far more cognizant of being an individual than ever before. Fashion, food, the world is becoming geared towards customization to the individual. You as a person have a code, written in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It says, this is you, and gives the blue print to your cells. With such a wide array of skin types on this earth, your approach to maintaining, protecting, and nourishing your skin should follow nature’s pattern; your system should have an individual code just for you, your dermatological blue print.

An advanced, clinically designed algorithm to identify "who you are" dermatologically

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The system

What is your skin tone? What is your skin age? Do you have unique skin issues? When it comes to us as people, there never will be “one size fits all”. We are unique; no two snowflakes are exactly alike and outside of twins, no two people are either. Before moving forward with any sort of program, you need to find out who you are. We have provided an amazing system to doing just that.

Based on the individual results of your skin type identity provided through our algorithm, we create customized cosmetic skincare systems/kits

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Your number

You receive a series of numbers based on the results; this number becomes your 'Code', your custom skin care regimen complete in a comprehensive kit. Each number in the sequence is an individualized product just for you and your skin. The sequence would look like this: 321625. This is your code, your customized skin care line, just for you!

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