The need for more custom prescriptions

When you put the word “custom” behind anything, you probably think two things:

  1. Perfect for me

  2. Expensive

Now, think of custom prescriptions. You’re still thinking, “perfect for me,” and probably thinking, even more expensive… but it’s not. With Prescriber’s Choice, custom prescriptions can actually be less expensive than what everyone else is getting at the pharmacy.


Why custom prescriptions?

We are all different. Even when we are diagnosed with the same problem, the problem is different because the person experiencing it is different.

Take acne for example. There are so many different kinds of acne – papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, acne conglobate, etc. Now, say you and someone else have the same problem. You probably have different skin types or breakouts in different parts of your body. For this reason, the same prescription will work differently on each of you, even though you’re combatting the same problem.

This is why customized prescriptions are a necessity for patients.

How do you customize prescriptions?

Customized medicine has been around and well respected since ancient times.

Today, you don’t need to waste time at a pharmacy or deal with insurance companies to have your prescriptions customized.



If your dermatologist works with Prescriber’s Choice, you can get a customized prescription from your doctor during your office visit.

Physicians private label lines of prescriptions with FDA ingredients for all common dermatological conditions. The nature of the ingredients are all labeled to maintain compliance with the State Board of Pharmacy in each state.

By dispensing a customized prescription at the time of service, if will improve understanding, increase compliance, and heighten patient satisfaction.

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